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If you live in Whiteside County, IL, you should have received a brochure in the mail explaining this project to publish a new Whiteside County History Book. If you did not receive one or if you live outside of Whiteside County, but have “history” here, please contact me and I will mail you one. I can email in pdf format if you prefer.

We need histories of your family in Whiteside County. Of course, we want to see Tampico well represented. It does not matter if your family is/was here for 10 years or 100 years. Fifty years from now, YOU will be the history. Please share. The brochure will explain the number of words & photos allowed at no charge.

If you choose to purchase the book as well (not necessary to add your history), please consider ordering through the Tampico Historical Society. We will receive a small % of sales that are submitted from the TAHS. You can pick up a brochure at the following Tampico businesses:
Kickback Saloon
R&B Dutch Diner
The Ronald Reagan Birthplace & Museum
The Tampico Area Historical Society (open by chance or appt)
The PNB bank

Drop off orders & histories at the Reagan Birthplace, open 7 days/week, M-F, 10a-4p & Sun, 1p-4p.

I’m looking forward to seeing Tampico well represented, so please, send in your histories. The brochure will have contact #’s for any questions, etc.


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