Have you ever dreamed of having your own family genealogy website?   Something you could use to help tell your own personal family story to the world?    Or better, share the family tree details with your Aunt across the state lines, so she can see the details about her long lost Great-Great Uncle from New Jersey?   You likely have an idea of what you want; something different and unique that says “this is my family”. However, the cost to create a website can be $3,000 or more. At Ancestral Family Roots, we have over 8 years of website design and development experience, but our prices are much more affordable, especially for a family genealogy website.   Imagine your family genealogy website done. Now you start getting numerous comments from family and other researchers are calling on you to exchange data, all because you have a website.

Key reasons for having a family genealogy website from Ancestral Family Roots

  1. Able to share your family roots with everyone on the planet.  This means Aunt Gerti or Nana Meyer can get online and see their ancestors from anywhere!
  2. Now you will be able to work quicker and collaborate with other researchers/family members who can view your family genealogy website without having to make a special costly trip.
  3. Long lost living relatives will begin to find you.   Since your website will not be part of the searchable sphere of the internet, those people who are looking for their relatives will find your website and eventualy you!     Get connected to your 2nd and 3rd cousins so you can share stories about the “old days”



1 week

  • Complete Website Setup
  • Client Configurable
  • Unique Website Name
  • One (1) Year Website Support
  • Google adsense integration
  • Social Media integration
  • Paypal donate
  • Blog


3 weeks

  • Complete Website Setup
  • Client Configurable
  • Unique Website Name
  • Two (2) Year Website Maintenance
  • Google adsense integration
  • Social Media integration
  • Paypal donate
  • Blog

User Features

  • Login
  • Account Registration
  • Contact Form
  • Advanced pedigree, relationship,  descendancy, register charts
  • Graphical, Ahnentafel, PDF views
  • Timeline
  • Simple, advanced search
  • Surnames lookup
  • Collaboration possibilities
  • Track lines of descent
  • “What’s New” page
  • Cemeteries & Headstones
  • Albums
  • Most Wanted
  • Dates & Anniversaries
  • Places
  • Printer-friendly pages

Admin Features

  • Owner email account(s)
  • Full featured admin panel
  • Selectable templates
  • File manager
  • GEDCOM import/export
  • Configurable user access rights (read, write, edit)
  • Multiple family trees
  • Dynamic language switching
  • Media Ancestor Listing
  • Custom Event Types
  • ‘Living’ data protected
  • LDS tags supported, data protectable
  • Manual data entry
  • Backup, Restore, Optimize utilities
  • Report Generator
  • Security and Spam control
  • Fully integrated database (MySQL)


Setup and Support Costs

  • One (1) unique Website Name for 1 year  – www.yourwebsitename.org – $10
  • One (1) license for latest version of TNG software – $30
  • Hosting – $4 to $8 per month (longer agreement with provider, lower price)
  • Website support (updates, issue resolution) – Free (normally $100/year)

Note:  Client must supply all website “content” such as short bio, welcome blurb, contact information.